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DotA 2 game – awesome fun

DotA 2 also know as the remake of an old edition of ‘Defense of the Ancients, is a multiplayer free-to-play game online. The battle arena video game developed by Valve corporation, is the most played game online when compared to other games.
With over a million addicted players, DotA 2 can be said to be not just a game, for many , the complexity and cruelty inherent in the game comes with invigorating excitement and satisfaction.header

DotA 2 is a difficult game, but it has a huge prize for those who are committed to the game. The game, which gets updated on a regular basis with amazing designs, can make anyone go crazy and willing to with sacrifice long hours into the game.


To become a successful player in DotA 2 involves learning how to accurately and simultaneously handle both the “broad strokes” and other “finer details”.
Despite the satisfaction and excitement of playing DotA 2, you also get to be smarter, well informed and have a new found ability to handle the most difficult and crooked situations. All this forms the heart and the ideology behind the game, hence once you get victory , its indeed a major accomplishment .

The type of victory experienced along with the mental efforts/ strategy employed in playing DotA 2 is one of a kind and unparalleled. The game is formated in a way that will make you feel like a genius once you truimph. No other game game is yet to beat the feeling DotA 2 gives it’s ever growing players.map

The more difficult and intense the matches are, the more challenged and excited you get. Though the game is best experienced when played, some have considered it a waste of time and don’t want to attempt playing it.

Defeat on the other hand is a necessary factor and relevant part of the whole concept of the game. Without loosing , your victories can mean nothing to you. Loosing helps you to understand what you’ve accomplished when you win. The game makes you become a stronger opponent when you loose. At the end , its not loosing or winning that matters but the stages you pass through while playing the game.

One beautiful thing about this game is the friends you make while playing. Its in a way not all about personal entertainment but also connects different people together and make the work together to attain victory. DotA 2 is certainly more than a game.